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Body & performance


Let's give your vechicle more personality.

Your car is an extension of you, and adding one of a kind accessories make it even more your own.

We are committed to offering the best service possible, in a customized way, in every iteration.

You dream it, we make it become a reality.

window tinting Packages

All our window tint packages carry a lifetime warranty to not color change, purple, bubble or delaminate. Ask us why our films are better. We’re happy to show you!

pentagon ir

Lifetime Warranty, Infrared Film, Blocks Ambient heat, Unmatched Clarity, Zero Distortion

Pentagon’s new line of IR window films reject up to 57% of the total solar energy, your car will stay cooler while driving and take longer to heat up when parked.  You’ll making your car cooler and reducing the need for air conditioning.

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Suntek CIR

Lifetime Warranty, Ceramic Film, Excellent Clarity, Scratch and Mar Resistant

Carbon-Ceramic Infrared, a next generation window film, uses latest non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technology film in the classic black color. It comes in 7 shades of VLT darknesses.  Non-reflective, "black" finish that will not fade. Exceptional heat and infrared rejection. Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays to help protect vehicle occupants as well as the interior.

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other Packages

Blind Spot


Audio, Lighting, Radar & Alarm Systems: CALL FOR APPOINTMENT
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Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics, Wrap & Color Change: CALL FOR APPOINTMENT
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Interior Customization

Custom Seats & Interior Finishes: CALL FOR APPOINTMENT
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JProfessional is the key word. Very professional EXCELLENT service. Car is always ready at promised time and the service is impeccable. My car looks show room new. I very highly recommend Joel.
Barry Rosenthal

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