Tesla Model S – Blind Spot Monitors & Paint-less Dent Repair

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As sophisticated as the Tesla Company products, customer was frustrated with the fact that such modern and technologic vehicle didn’t have such as basic feature nowadays as Blind Spot Sensors. After examining software, hardware and the technology used by the manufacturer, customer received estimate with the perfectly matching technology and details to add this feature to the car without affecting the look or function ability of a single other feature in the car.  At the same time, this beautiful black Tesla had a few dents that were also taken care of while in our shop. Thankful for the opportunity to working on this project, after installation, testing and returning the car to our guest here are the pictures and the experience’s testimony.


        Tesla Model S at JFPRO Specialty Auto Care Custom Blind Spot Monitor Sensor JFPRO Auto Detailing Weston Fort Lauderdale

        Dents to be remved on Tesla Model S at JFPRO Specialty Auto Care Weston Fort Lauderdale JFPRO Auto Detailing Paint less dent reapir auto restoration services