We are one of the most established specialty automotive care companies in South Florida. We work with driven individuals who want to maintain their vehicles in pristine conditions while saving time and meeting exhibition standards.

We bring back that new car feeling, every time.

Focus on what's important while reliving that new car experience everyday. We believe a vehicle is an extension of it's owner, his pride and joy, and we strive to deliver the best shine and care in every iteration.

Drive your lifestyle, focus on what matters.

We're all about adapting to your needs. We have personalized services meant to give you a shineroom shine and better performace in every drive. We check every single aspect of your car, and we go to you, so you can focus on your lifestyle and not the details.

Bentley Continental GT Convertible – JFPRO Competition Package

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We understand what your
vehicle means to you
and what it represents.


We believe in protecting your
investment, in heightening its potential, and in precise care that adapts to you --not the other way around.



We believe your vehicle a
part of who you are, so we
only offer the best.



Experience that aims for excellence results and guest satisfaction, every time.


We go to you

We have mobile detailing services available that adapt to your availability and location in Weston, FL and surrounding areas.



Professionally Certified on: Auto & Marine Detailing, Window Tint, Auto Personalization, Audio, Body & Performance Shop + Wheels & Tires.



Ensure your vehicle feels and looks its best while extending its lifespan and diagnosing potential problems from the get-go. Detailing the exterior keeps the paint insulated, visibility optimum and helps you get rid of salt and mud that, with time, causes damage to the chassis. Detailing the interior removes stains, gets rid of bad odors and protects surfaces from fading and scraping, adding comfort and improving resale price.

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Preserve your vehicle's condition, keep its showroom shine intact and protect your paint against humidity, corrosion, oxidation and scuff and marring, making it last longer while looking its best. Ensures chemicals, weather, solids and heavy use not affect your car to diminish its lifespan or corrode expensive parts, keeping you away from maintenance longer, assuring your vehicle's value and giving you peace of mind, ourside and inside.

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Improve your ride experience and turn it into a dream come true, every day. Tailor your vehicle to your taste and catch everyone's attention when driving your personalized car. We help you make your vehicle the car of your dreams with impeccable window tinting, electronics installation and customisation, vehicle graphics, interior customisation, among other techniques. The sky is the limit!

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Body & Performance

Cars are like living things and as such they need to be kept healthy because otherwise, several issues start appearing. We understand better than anyone that car maintenance is vital to keep every car operating at peak performance and without any issues while also extending the longetivity of your car’s lifespan. Because of this, we dedicate ourselves to provide an expert maintenance service to every customer.

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who we are

Combining 43+ years of experience and an ever growing passion for everything automotive, we obsess over details. We love finding innovative solutions for demanding individuals who require top quality services. Our commitment with creating top notch customer experiences positions us as a one of a kind, luxury detailing center with automotive solutions for all Weston and surrounding Florida areas.
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BMW M6 – Paint Correction & Paint Protection Silver Ceramic Pro Package

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JF Pro Auto Detailing is definitely the best in town. I have been using there service for the past year and JF has never let me down. My most recent service has been the "paint correction" "ceramic coat" "bronze package" "JF PRO" and my 2014 BMW looks brand new. I am beyond happy with the service. It's amazing what this treatment does to your vehicle. Very highly recommended.
Jay A.

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